Ogliarola Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil

Puglia and "Salento", in south ItalyIn the south eastern part of the italian peninsula the culture and cultivation of olive oil and olive trees is thousand years old. Since ancient times olive trees have been worshipped, that is why since that time there existed a special legislation to protect this sacred plant. The solemm and knotty trunks, old sources of prosperity, climb down towards the sea, characterizing the landscape, the environment, the economy, the society and the history of this the olive tree land, where many civilizations left remains of their dominations: from the Massapi to the Romans, from the Byzantines to the Normans. On the "Serra" in front of the sea stand forests of stately olive trees, living mouments that man, with his careful and patient work, planted and preserved enjoying the sight and taste of generations of amateurs and experts.

Today the tradition is still alive.

Tipycal "trullo"Nowadays, the farm Congedi Agostino still maintains the respect and veneration for this plant and its final product: indeed, it follows a fundamental priciple to produce its Extravergine Olive Oil "Ogliarola".our product The plant must be helped, feeded and loved for what it offers year after year, and the interventions must not change its natural adaptability. The wisdom of farmers is handed down in the farm works by means of careful prunings, limited fertilizations and utmost care devoted to the plant, from the blossoming to the complete ripeness of the fruit. Once the harvest has been made, our product the olives are handed to the modern technology of transformation. The culture of olive oil is close to the culture of wine more than one can imagine. If wine has the function to accompany the dishes without covering their taste, the extravergine olive oil has the function to "tie up" and "exhalt" the tastes. The Extravegine Olive Oil Ogliarola, obtained from the variety "Ogliarola di Lecce", for its sweet and slightly fruity taste, is the fundamental seasoning of the typica dishes of the Salento plain.

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